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New Electronic Resource: Anatomy TV

The UCI Libraries recently acquired an annual subscription for Anatomy TV through Stat!Ref.  Published by Primal Pictures Ltd., Anatomy TV is an interactive, 3D model of the human anatomy available online with no special software. 

Anatomy TV is a great learning and teaching tool for students, faculty, and researchers. It provides in-depth views of anatomical layers at various levels from bone to surface structure.  The database provides access to 11 clear and accurate 3D Real-Time modes, which include Head, Spine, Shoulder, Hand, Thorax, Abdomen, Pelvis, Hip, Knee, and Foot. The 3D models can be zoomed, rotated, and peeled away layer by layer in a manner that was never possible with print.  Each model can be rotated in any direction by clicking and dragging with the computer mouse. 

Intuitive interactive features allow users to choose which structures are added, removed, hidden, x-rayed or isolated, enabling them to view their chosen view of structure from any angle.  Each visible structure can be marked with a pin, labeled, and annotated.  Clicking on different sections of an image will pull up labels and descriptive text along with links to videos and radiological images.  In addition, the Interactive quizzes and multiple-choice questions help test student knowledge.

There are no copyright issues with using images from Anatomy TV and embedding the saved files for education and research.  Our users can create their own image library by copying, pasting, and saving images; and customizing 3D models, animations, and movies for use in teaching, presentations or patient education.

To see how the program works, please check out a quick tutorial prepared by STAT!Ref at: www.statref.com/FlashDemos/AnatomyTVTutorial.html . To access Anatomy TV from the UCI Libraries Antpac Catalog, please go to antpac.lib.uci.edu:80/record=b4458815~S7 and click on the link inside the "Connect to" box. 

For more information, please contact our Health Science Research librarians, Steve Clancy (sclancy@uci.edu, x47309) or Linda Murphy (lmurphy@uci.edu, x46419).


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