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New Digital Resources in Engineering and Computing

Several exciting new digital resources in engineering, computer science, information technology, and business have been licensed by the UCI Libraries. With these products we continue to see the evolution of digital resources as e-publishers demonstrate creative new ways of delivering content.

Morgan and Claypool Publishers has just released Synthesis: The Digital Library of Engineering and Computer Science. The first collection of 100 "lectures" (short books or treatises on current research and development) will be completed by Summer 2006. Synthesis contains many of the searching, linking and indexing aspects of an electronic journal but discusses current research in a more focused and thorough manner. This exciting new product can be used for background reading, reference, and teaching. www.morganclaypool.com/page/ForthcomingSynthesisLectures

The Foundation and Trends (FnT) series from Now Publishers is relevant to the fields of engineering, computer science and business. This product combines the virtues of peer-reviewed journals, high-use reference works, and pedagogically-sound textbooks. Specific titles are on the publisher's site at (www.nowpublishers.com).

Energy Central Professional is considered the premier news and information portal for the global power industry. Organized around an information hub dedicated to the electric power industry, it provides access to news, journal articles and trade publications, industry data, company profiles, conferences, research reports and employment opportunities in this sector. This product compliments the government resources available via the Department of Energy's (DOE) Information Bridge at (www.osti.gov/bridge/) and the Energy Files at (www.osti.gov/energyfiles/). These resources will support users at the Samueli School of Engineering, the National Fuel Cell Research Center, CRITO, and the Merage School of Business.

The most recent three years of electronic book titles by the O'Reilly Publication Group is now available via Safari Tech Books Online. This is a key resource in the area of information technology and computer applications is. Access to the list of 200+ full-text titles is available at uclibs.org/PID/33109.

A complementary e-book series is the CRCNetBase coverage of full-text books from the CRC Press, covering all areas of engineering, information technology, environmental and physical sciences, information security and related topics. The largest collection is the ENGnetBase, with more than 450 titles in all areas of engineering.

For more information please contact Julia Gelfand, Applied Sciences and Engineering Librarian (jgelfand@uci.edu or x44971).



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