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College of Medicine’s History Revealed

Comprising more than sixty feet of documents, the historical records of UCI's College of Medicine tell the often tumultuous story of the osteopathic profession in California, its eventual merger with the medical profession, and the controversies involved in bringing the California College of Medicine to the UC Irvine campus. "Our College of Medicine has a unique history in the annals of American medical schools as it has evolved from its origins as an osteopathic college," said Dean Tom Cesario. "These records preserve our unique history and will provide an important source of information for future generations of medical historians."

The College of Medicine went through several incarnations as a school of osteopathy, first in Anaheim and later in Los Angeles, before an agreement was signed in 1967 to make it part of UCI. This fascinating history is preserved in the University Archives in the records of the Pacific College of Osteopathy (est. 1896), the Los Angeles College of Osteopathy (est. 1904), the College of Osteopathic Physicians and Surgeons (est. 1914), and the California College of Medicine (est. 1961).

The records span the years from the beginning of the Pacific College of Osteopathy in 1896 to 1967, just before the California College of Medicine was incorporated into UCI. The materials were obtained from a variety of sources, the bulk having been transferred from the librarian of the California College of Medicine. Other sources include former President W. Ballentine Henley and former faculty member Dr. Dain Tasker. Tasker contributed both a 1950s manuscript history of osteopathy in California and two letter books compiled when he was pressing for passage of the Osteopathic Initiative Act, in which California recognized the Doctor of Osteopathy degree. Many individuals who played an important role in the College's history are represented as well, including Forest Grunigen, Grace Bell, Dorothy Marsh, William Pritchard, and Warren Bostick.

The University Archives is the official repository for the official records of UCI administrators, academic units, and other campus entities. Its mission is to preserve the campus's institutional memory, enabling a broad view of UCI's evolution and its role in society. For more information contact University Archivist Jennifer Jacobs (jljacobs@uci.edu or x47193).



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