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Physician Explores Librarianship

Ann Pan

Development of the Grunigen Medical Library’s new Clinician’s Toolkit has been enhanced by the participation of an Orange County pediatrician who is pursuing a second career as a medical librarian. The Toolkit is a compilation of authoritative medical resources that provides valuable facts, quickly and efficiently, to physicians at the point of care.

s The Grunigen Medical Library has long been a key resource to health care practitioners, students, and the Orange County community. Over the years, the library’s reputation has attracted prospective librarians to its internship and training program. Ann Pan, the most recent intern at Grunigen, brings a different perspective in that she is also a practicing pediatrician.

Pan recently enrolled as a graduate student in UCLA’s Department of Information to pursue her interest in the role of the medical library in satisfying patient care information needs. Her internship experience has provided her the opportunity to work closely with medical librarians to bring a clinician’s real-life perspective to their collaborative work on the Toolkit. Her experience in patient care confirms that doctors have a need to consult current medical literature on a daily basis. Pan’s knowledge of which resources clinicians most often refer to is another way in which she has helped maximize the value of the Toolkit.

For more information about the Clinician’s Toolkit, grunigen.lib.uci.edu/clinicians-toolkit.html, contact Susan Lessick, Head of the Grunigen Medical Library (slessick@uci.edu or 714.456.6488).


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