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Enhanced Access to the HathiTrust Digital Library

Starting April 2011, UCI faculty, staff, and students can now use their UCInetID to get enhanced access to the large collection of materials available in the HathiTrust Digital Library. HathiTrust is a shared digital repository and access platform that includes content digitized by Google, Microsoft, and the 50-plus research libraries that are partners in HathiTrust. It currently contains more than 8 million volumes, 2.2 million of them being in the public domain.

HathiTrust Digital Library records are discoverable either through the catalog search at www.hathitrust.org, or through the new WorldCat Local-based interface at hathitrust.worldcat.org.

Although searching HathiTrust and viewing the full text of public domain materials are already available without the need to log in, the new feature will use Shibboleth (an Internet2 technology for inter-institutional authentication) to provide user authentication. Once authenticated, you will be able to download complete PDF files for public domain and open access materials, and create and save public or private collections of items in HathiTrust.

For more information on how to log on to HathiTrust, please visit www.lib.uci.edu/features/spotlights/hathi-trust.html or contact Adrian Petrisor, Director of Information Technology (petrisor@uci.edu, x42075).


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