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UC Undergraduates' Work Coming to eScholarship

Effective immediately, eScholarship (www.escholarship.org) will extend its robust repository and publishing services platform to include UC undergraduate work. The UC Libraries and the California Digital Library recognize the clear and pressing need for the establishment of a service for the dissemination of substantial undergraduate research and publications, which are an increasingly prevalent outcome of the undergraduate education at the University of California. eScholarship already serves the repository and open access publishing needs of UC faculty and graduate students by providing access to nearly 40,000 research publications and 37 UC-affiliated open access journals representing over 275 academic units. Undergraduate research services will include support for faculty-sponsored undergraduate journals, capstone projects, prizewinning papers, etc.

For any inquiries or questions, please contact Lorelei Tanji, UCI eScholarship Liaison (ltanji@uci.edu or x45212).

Streamlining Processes and Improving ILL Service - myillrequests.lib.uci.edu

A new feature was recently launched in My ILL Requests (myillrequests.lib.uci.edu) allowing access to most of your articles directly from your My ILL Requests account. Before this new feature was added, each UC campus was required to have its own server on which to host articles and ILL staff would have to send two emails, one to the user and one to the user's library, letting them know their article was available. Now articles can be stored on one central server at CDL eliminating the need for multiple servers, duplicate emails, and minimizing IT staff time at each campus.

These pdf documents will be available on the server and through My ILL Requests for 30 days from the date of the postings. It is a good idea to save a copy of the pdf to your computer so you still have it after it has been removed.

For more information, contact Gerry Lopez, Head of Interlibrary Loan (galopez@uci.edu or x46934)


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