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UCI Libraries Assist with NSF Data Management Plans

In an important step toward improving scholarly communication in the area of data sharing, the National Science Foundation is requiring grant applicants to include a supplementary two-page statement on what they plan to do with any data they collect as part of their proposed NSF-funded research. Called a "Data Management Plan," the required statement would need to adhere to NSF policy on dissemination and sharing of research results and could include: types of data, metadata (or documentation) standards to be used, policies for access and sharing, as well as for re-use, and plans for archiving and preservation of access.

The UCI Office of Research, in collaboration with the UCI Libraries, has issued suggestions on what elements to include in a Data Management Plan, as well as a template to assist UCI faculty and researchers in complying with this new NSF requirement. These documents and additional resources are posted on the UCI Libraries' NSF Data Management Plan web page (www.lib.uci.edu/about/projects/scamp/nsf-data-management.html).

UCI Libraries' bibliographers and subject librarians stand ready to assist the faculty and researchers in this effort, especially for suggestions as to depositing data in discipline-based data repositories.

For more information, contact Daniel Tsang, UCI Data Librarian (dtsang@uci.edu or x44978).

Mellon Grant Awarded to Implement the Western Regional Storage Trust

A three-year Mellon grant awarded to the UCI Libraries in December 2010 will aid in the preservation of endangered journals and increase access for members of Western Regional Storage Trust (WEST www.cdlib.org/west/).

WEST is comprised of 90 member institutions ranging in size from very small libraries to large academic consortia in the western United States, including UCI Libraries. The California Digital Library is the Administrative Host for WEST, but WEST is governed by an executive committee of representative members.

In the first three years of the Mellon Grant, 150,000 of the eventual 275,000 volumes will be chosen from among WEST members. The selection criteria for the initial set of titles include the rarity of the title, the completeness of its holdings, its format, and type - whether academic, consumer, or trade. WEST records will be found in NextGen Melvyl Pilot.

The goal of WEST is to increase access to the complete holdings of 275,000 volumes of rare materials over five years by checking and validating what is held by every member library and to reduce redundancy. WEST will allow institutional members to devote more space to materials that are unique in the region. UC Libraries' participation in WEST provides assured access to materials for researchers over a long period of time far in excess of the region's projected building capacity. WEST is one of many solutions that allows continuing and historic scholarship.

For more information, contact Dana Peterman, Research Librarian for Education, Psychology & Social Behavior, and Cognitive Sciences (dpeterma@uci.edu, x40607).


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