Vol 34 | No 2 | Spring 16
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From the University Librarian

ImageDear UCI Faculty,

With the release of UCI's Bright Past, Brilliant Future strategic plan, the UCI Libraries are deeply engaged in exploring how we can contribute to the further growth and development of the campus and its impact on the regional, national, and international stage. Strategic planning provides an important opportunity to step out of our daily activities and think more broadly about the Libraries' role, what we need to do to succeed in our mission, and how we can facilitate progress on the goals that have been identified as important by the campus.

Starting in January 2016, a Libraries' Strategic Planning Task Force, led by Kevin Ruminson Ph.D., Associate University Librarian for Administrative Services, has worked to develop a strategic plan that closely aligns with the campus plan. The task force is comprised of individuals from all areas and all levels of the UCI Libraries, and they have provided opportunities for participation from all library employees. Major activities have included an environmental scan of strategic plans at other major research libraries, a thorough review of the campus plan, outreach to stakeholders, collaboration with the Librarians Association of the University of California - Irvine (LAUC-I) to discuss the role and value of libraries in a modern research university, and a library-wide forum to collect diverse ideas about how the Libraries can contribute to the success of UCI's strategic plan.

The goal for the task force was to develop a plan that is forward thinking and flexible and that clearly articulates the roles and aspirations for the UCI Libraries as the campus grows and matures. Like the campus plan, the Libraries' plan is an enduring document that focuses attention on broad goals while providing the flexibility to adjust to changing circumstances. The Libraries' plan addresses how we will support progress on each of the four pillars of UCI's strategic plan:

• Growth that makes a difference: Expanding our capacity to improve lives
• First in class: Elevating the student experience to prepare future leaders
• Great partners: Making regional and global connections that enhance our mission and serve the people
• New paths for our brilliant future: Forging best practices to power the coming century

The Libraries' strategic plan is available as a pdf here and will be available on our website in coming weeks.


Lorelei Tanji
University Librarian