Vol 34 | No 1 | Fall 15
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Multimedia Resources Center helps Public Health Student Succeed in Coursework and Pursue Creative Projects

ImageAs a student I often go to the Multimedia Resources Center (MRC) to fulfill many of my needs. Being a student in the sciences, I have learned to utilize the resources around me. The MRC is a great study area where I can focus independently. It can also be used for collaborating with others in the conference room, with accessible projectors and white boards to enhance the studying process. Additionally, the center is filled with resources such as a MacBook to have on hand while I attend office hours, or a 3D printer to experiment with new ways of producing objects for classroom or recreational purposes.

What makes the MRC so great is that a Health Sciences student like me can come in and have access to resources such as DSLR cameras, tripods and Panasonic P2HDs. Multimedia resources are sometimes lacking and limited for students due to their affordability, so having multimedia resources allows for students to be creative and step outside their comfort zone. For example I plan to collaborate with film and media students using equipment from the MRC to make a docu-series about a returning Olympic Champion on the road to the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio. We hope to film her journey with interviews and training leading up to the Olympic Trials. I am fortunate to have the resources for taking up an ambitious project such as this one.