Vol 35 | No 2 | Spring 17
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Digital Scholarship Services Continues to Benefit Faculty and Researchers

New Website

Our new website highlights services that help faculty publish, promote, and preserve their research. It provides information on what we do, who we are, projects/activities, and training/events for faculty.

The website shows how faculty can contact us via email or schedule consultation sessions on:

  • Scholarly Communication (including open access policy compliance and publishing
  • Data Curation (including Data Management Plans)
  • Digital Production


End of Term Web Archive

In January 2017, UCI student and staff volunteers participated in the End of Term Web Archive (EOT) by collaboratively selecting, compiling and submitting a list of URLs at risk using a Nomination Tool. EOT captures and saves U.S. government websites at the end of presidential administrations. Beginning in 2008, EOT has thus far preserved websites from administration changes in 2008 and 2012, and is currently working on the 2016 transition. Project partners include the California Digital Library, Internet Archive, Library of Congress, University of North Texas Libraries and U.S. Government Publishing Office. EOT contains federal government websites (.gov, .mil, .org, etc.) in the legislative, executive or judicial branches. Websites at risk of changing (e.g., whitehouse.gov) or disappearing completely during government transitions were captured. "My hope is that the project helped people recognize the volatility of the internet and why archiving is important. Hopefully, UCI can continue to participate in these end of term events or anything else the Internet Archive is working on," explained Samantha McDonald, UCI Informatics graduate student and lead of this effort. EOT is a demonstration of web archiving's practicality in the changing political environment.

Current web archives mainly use three approaches to organize and store archived Web content: local file systems, web-based archives, and non-web-based archives. All three approaches preserve the intellectual content of webpages, but vary in the degree of preservation of context and structure. UCI Libraries use Archive-It, a subscription web archiving service from the Internet Archive to help our users harvest, build, and preserve collections of digital content. The DSS department works with the subject specialists to ensure the preservation of valued web content that has been suggested by our users.

Recent Accomplishments in Scholarly Communication

  • UCI faculty have passed a milestone in making their research open access. UCI is the first campus where faculty have uploaded over 10,000 articles to eScholarship (UC's open access repository)--with 12,586 articles uploaded as of March 7, 2017. This doubles the number of the next nearest UC campus: UCLA with 6,290 articles.
  • In October 2016, the Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Working Group loaded 1,431 electronic dissertations submitted by UCI students since 2014.
  • Created a new collection in eScholarship, Center for Innovative Diplomacy (CID) Archive that includes 10 publications of CID Report and 17 publications of Bulletin of Municipal Foreign Policy
  • Helped faculty researchers at the Beckman Laser Institute and School of Medicine to add delegate/proxy users to assist them in uploading their articles to the open access Publication Management System.
  • Gave a presentation to School of Nursing faculty (Feb. 28, 2017) on UC Open Access Policy implementation
  • Gave a presentation to library staff at UC Riverside (Sept. 15, 2016) on UC Open Access Policy implementation at UCI and plans to increase faculty participation with the UC Publication Management System

For more information please contact Shu Liu, Digital Scholarship Services Librarian at shu.liu@uci.edu or x 48781